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We take great care when extracting & bottling our raw honey to preserve all the natural flavor and nutrition
that is available only from 100% pure natural Honey, direct from the Honey Bees.
Please enjoy some today!
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Honey Bees-R-Us Apiaries is owned by Deanna Lamoureux.  My Husband and I keep our bees in
many bee yards in Massachusetts and the surrounding area in the summer months.  To offset the
losses of honey bees we incur each year, my partner brings them to Florida during the winter to
enable us to raise more colonies. Honey Bees are needed because they pollinate 80% of all the
food on Earth. We are dedicated to raising Honey Bees by sustainable methods to not only
produce delicious honey, but to help our environment.  We produce high quality pure, unheated,
really raw honey, so we have branded our honey
"Absolutely Raw®" .  We also produce some
seasonal Honey related specialty products, all made from raw honey which we offer for sale to
honey lovers from all over.  
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Kangen Water
Kangen Water
The Massachusetts Market is Closed  

The Florida Markets are open every Thursday and Saturday From 9AM - 2PM on
Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida.

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